Multitude of applications

Die überlegene Tretkraftmessung,

die Steuerungsintelligenz und der marktweit beste Formfaktor des Antriebssystems

The superior pedaling power metering, control intelligence and best form factor in the market are key to a broad range of applications:

  • with pedelecs, real-time pedaling force metering is the basis for an optimal motor control with Natural Drive.
  • with trainer systems, the sensor and related trainer controller provide accurate performance data for cycling professionals and amateurs, as well as control information for exact trainer management. This allows a perfect to the point simulation of any driving or route profile.
  • with rehab systems, exact therapy profiles to rebuild physiological fitness can be designed and adapted to the individual needs of a rehab patient, for instance after cardiologic illness

Optimal motor control with eBikes

No pedelec works without pedaling power metering. Only the innotorq sensor, however, provides highly accurate pedaling force information. This makes it the perfect base for best possible pedelec motor control. It can be integrated into any existing rear wheel drive pedelec without problems. As the only real-time torque sensor in the market, it provides a unique benefit to any rear wheel motor.

Accurate drive profile simulation for bicycle trainers

Natural Drive also works with bicycle trainers. The accurate pedaling force measurement and control of the innotorq drive train system make targeted training sessions with predefined routes and profiles feasible. Historic rides can be replicated at home and physiological data, e.g. heart beat frequency, can be incorporated into a very individual targeted training program.

Therapy support with rehab systems

To rebuild physical body functions after illness, it is very important to execute rehab programs following a therapeutically defined exercise program. With rehab programs applying bicycling, the innotorq drive train system allows for an exact programming of the rehab profile that constantly records personal performance data and loops it back to the control unit of the rehab drive train system.