innotorq's mission is to transfer the known bicycling experience into the world of eBiking - i.e. to create the 'Natural Drive' experience. To achieve this, we have developed and refined our technologies over the last 10 years. With pride, we call them the rear wheel drive intelligence.

innotorq GmbH is based in the Martinsried High-Tech Center close to Munich, Germany. Here we find the technology and manpower environment to foster our developments. Our products are produced and distributed in cooperation with worldwide active blue chip partners, thereby living up to the highest quality and performance standards.

our philosophy

Our philosophy is to transfer the known bicycling experience into eBikes and to increase the riding fun. To achieve this, we have developed Natural Drive for eBike and motor manufacturers.

Our passion is with the pedelec rear wheel drive, the eBike mobility pioneer - and a fast growing market segment. Only the rear wheel motor allows for bicycle designs, weights and driving characteristics associated with conventional bicycles, meaning Natural Drive. Our innovations, inventor spirit and engineering creativity are focused on perfecting the rear wheel drive performance.

innotorq Natural Drive

We stand for providing pedelec and motor manufacturers with unique drive intelligence components, enabling them to provide their bikers with an always precise, safe and reliable (e)driving pleasure - with full control of eBike mobility.


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