Natural Drive

Pedelecs are the only motorized 2-wheelers without a throttle - and the largest segment in the eBike market. They are controlled by pedaling force only. The stronger the kick on the pedals, the more propulsion provided by the motor.

Measurement of pedaling force is technically challenging. As a result, many eBike motors are controlled imprecisely, reacting with a delay ('turbo lag') but then kicking in abruptly ('catapult effect').

Instead, the innotorq drive train technology monitors pedaling force perfectly in real-time. The better and prompter the pedaling force information, the better the motor control. Our system instantly computes the amount of individual motor support necessary. This is why motors with innotorq sensor control start very smoothly and accelerate very consistently, conveying the 'Natural Drive' ride experience.

With the perfect innotorq drive train management, bikers have full control over all requirements and drive situations, whether with pedelec, rehab or trainer applications. Without control, no Natural Drive.

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No difference anymore between eBike and bicycle

Today, eBikes are easily recognizable by their bulky appearance (quite often, with more than 20 kg of weight), design compromises, limited control capabilities and a driving behaviour that needs getting used to. With innotorq technologies, all this is a thing of the past.

Design, weight, driving behaviour - innotorq technologies make eBikes possible with the perfect elegance of their bicycle role model, enabling the 'Natural Drive' riding experience: Drives like a pedelec - rides like a bike.

  • Driving behaviour: Right from the start, the biker experiences a gentle push. Immediately without any delay. No catapult effect from a sudden motor start. Just like riding a bicycle.
  • Design: Pedelecs with innotorq components are as slim and light as bicycles. The battery unit disappears within the existing frame design, the motor in the rear wheel hub. This enables, for example, aesthetic and elegant roadbike-pedelecs without design compromises.
  • Weight: Pedelecs with just 10 kg total weight are feasible. This guarantees known handling properties, highest range and a most effective push uphill.
  • And without power mode, pedaling is as easy as with a conventional bicycle.

Easy integration in existing bicycles and drive trains

innotorq technologies focus on the pedelec rear wheel drive, which has a better performance and is smaller, quieter and more energy-efficient than middle-motor technologies.

  • Based on the proven rear wheel drive train concept, the innotorq system can be integrated into existing bicycles and drive train systems without any problems.
  • The best possible benefit is provided by complete innotorq drive train systems - perfectly tuned rear wheel drive trains consisting of the sensor's real- time pedaling force metering, controller intelligence and innotorq motor technology.
  • Even when using the innotorq sensor system only, any rear wheel drive train can be upgraded with the 'Natural Drive' driving experience.
  • Due to the small form factor and low weight of the innotorq drive train system, new bicycle categories become 'eBike capable' - like road bikes, folding bikes and kids bikes. eBike sharing concepts also profit from innotorq technologies: the rear wheel drive intrinsicly has a much higher reliability with much less wear and tear; form factor and the frame integrated battery offer significantly better protection against vandalism.

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Center, front or rear motor?

The rear wheel motor has been one of the pioneers of electrifying bicycles. The segment is growing and it is expected that it will regain market share in the forseeable future.

In comparison to the middle motor the rear wheel motor has these advantages:

    • it is significantly smaller and lighter
    • it runs significantly smoother and more quiet
    • the rear wheel motor is less complex, thus more reliable and requiring less maintenance, has less wear and tear and is more service friendly
    • its form factor allows for more latitude with vehicle design: Pedelec-Roadbikes, -folding bikes, -kids bikes and so on are feasible
    • it has a higer efficiency due to the direct power transmission in the rear wheel, i.e. no losses by transfering the propulsion power via the chain. Thus a greater range is feasible as well
    • the direct power transmission in the rear wheel results in a more natural driving behavior and supports 'Natural Drive'
    • recuperation is feasible.

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