the innotorq sensor

The only real-time pedaling force sensor in market

Integrated into the rear freewheel system, the innotorq sensor is the only sensor system that measures pedaling force electromagnetically in real-time directly within the power flow of the propulsion axle. This allows for very accurate power metering, and an immediate reaction to any change in pedaling force enables the perfect control of any pedelec rear wheel motor. The innotorq sensor is the most accurate in the market and is at the core of the outstanding performance of innotorq's drive train systems. As it meters electronically and contactless, it is wear-free, maintenance- free and very reliable.

Magnetolastic measurement in permanent operation

Current mechanical pedaling power metering systems work indirectly, thus being complex, expensive, not very accurate and requiring permanent re-calibrating. The innotorq sensor obtains its power data by utilizing the magnetolastic principle. It measures the change of electromagnetic fields stemming from the pedaling force influence to the sensor. This allows for linear, repeatable and accurate metering. Free of wear, even in extreme conditions and ongoing. innotorq has patented this technology for the rear wheel, and is the only supplier which offers it for pedelec rear wheel motors.

Technical specifications

torque range:
0 to 100 Nm
temperature range:
-20 to 100 °C
output signal at 0 Nm:
0.5 V
sensor signal rise:
40 mV/Nm, Tolerance +/- 0.4 mV/Nm
supply current range:
6 - 16 V
nominal power consumption:
< 0.4 W