the innotorq drive train system

With the sensor at the core, the innotorq drive train system translates biker pedaling force into a well-dosed propulsion - almost unnoticable and with the riding experience of a classic bicycle: Natural Drive! With a power and performance range that lives up to any other drive train, whether for cruising with a few Watts of support or up to 500 Watts for climbing slopes.

The drive train system consists of the following, well-synchronized components:

  • the patented innotorq sensor, which provides the information for controlling the drive train
  • the lightest (1.9 kg) and smallest motor in its performance class in the market, just slightly larger than a regular wheel hub.
  • the high performance controller, which is responible for the optimal response characteristics of the motor and the right motor support in all drive situations.
  • a multifunctional designer display as interface to the biker, to always control the 'Natural Drive' drive experience - from Eco up to High Power.
  • customizable lithium-ion battery packs with variable performance characteristics.